Dear Friends,
I'd like to thank you for signing the Covid-19 National Lockdown petition. While we were unable to attract any media attention for it, which I knew was necessary for it to really take off, over 3,000 people signed it in a purely grassroots effort, thanks to your help. I'll be sending the petition to various Congressional officials tomorrow, with the entire list of signatures (last names & e-mail addresses removed for privacy).
Covid is full of unknowns, but we do know that the virus is going to keep spreading as long as we don't mount a coordinated effort to contain and suppress it. Responding acutely to outbreaks like we're doing now is an effective strategy once the virus is far more contained, but at present, we're playing a game of Whack-a-Mole, but with hundreds of thousands of lives at stake.
I'm disappointed that there isn't even a conversation at the national level about a nationwide lockdown, since it's the only approach that we know can work, and work fast. It's short-term pain, but the alternative will be long-term tragedy. People who dismiss the lockdown as hurting the economy are avoiding a few difficult weeks at the expense of many months or years of economic catastrophe, and an unimaginable toll of human life.
The president is incapable of contributing to a solution, and various government agencies such as CDC and NIH are not pushing for anything more than a national mask mandate, which is too little, too late. Congress is about to take a month's vacation while an American contracts Covid about once every second, and an American dies of Covid every two minutes. Both of these are accelerating. I would have hoped that overflowing ICUs and refrigerated trailer trucks serving as temporary morgues would dampen one's enthusiasm for vacation time.
The battle to do what's right seems uphill, but so does anything worth doing, at first. I'm dedicated to staying informed and involved, and perhaps you'll join me by contacting your U.S. Congressional representative and two senators and your state governor, today, and telling them that you support a well-planned, nationwide, three-week Covid-19 lockdown, as an alternative to the unfolding tragedy that could kill a million or more Americans and leave our economy in ruins. Who knows...maybe your letter could be the one that sparks someone into action?
You can find your elected officials' contact information, here:
I don't yet know the next steps for the National Lockdown Petition, but I do know that it's not the end of the story. I appreciate your support with this effort.
I wish you and your family a healthy and peaceful summer!
Christopher Gronbeck
Seattle, Washington