Dear Friends,
I'm done with waiting for our national elected officials to take concrete action on COVID-19. I'm astonished that our country can't pull it together at the national level to address the most serious crisis in generations. And I'm over all of the excuses, when so many other countries around the world are effectively dealing with this, simply by taking the measures that we all know work. Meanwhile, we're sitting in a house that's on fire, wondering who's going to put out the flames.
It's time for us to put them out.
We need to compel and empower the U.S Congress and state governors to act decisively and immediately to enact the only thing that's working around the world to contain COVID-19 so we can get back to normal life and a functioning economy, as soon as possible: a three-week, nationwide lockdown.
Let's do this in August, and we'll save tens or hundreds of thousands of lives, and we'll be able to safely get back to work and school by September 1st.
This is a massive undertaking, but the scale of solution needs to match the scale of the problem. It's clearly not happening by itself, piecemeal solutions are inadequate, and masks simply aren't going to save us, so I've created a grassroots campaign to gather and deliver to the U.S. Congress a petition which I hope includes at least a million signatures. And I want to gather all of these signatures in five days, July 15th to 20th.
Is this ambitious? Heck, yes. Is it impossible? Not at all. I just want us to do in five days what our national government hasn't been able to do in five months: formulate a concrete plan with broad support to tackle COVID-19 and bring this country's ingenuity and resources to bear on the epidemic, and Get. It. Done.
Here's the petition:
I'd love for you to read the brief rationale on the site, sign the petition if you'd like, and even more importantly, to help get the word out. I'd appreciate one hour of your time, which I know is precious, but you can make a difference, and change the world. Please e-mail this to friends, especially those who might have contacts at news agencies, or know elected officials or celebrities. Please post this on social media ( #NationwideLockdown / @NationwideLockdown ). We need people with big voices and big reach. But we need everyone who cares to take a stand and take action, right now.
We can't do this without you, so thank you for your time and support.
Christopher Gronbeck
Seattle, Washington